Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burning Broccoli?

In Bible, we are learning about Moses.  We are learning about doing the right thing when it is hard and how God helped Moses, even when Moses was afraid.

Yesterday, we had a snack to help us remember about the burning bush.  I mixed some ranch dressing with yellow and red food coloring to make some orange dip.  Then I gave the students handfuls of broccoli, along with a bowl with some of the colored dip.  We dipped our broccoli to make burning bushes.  It was fun and the kids liked it.  Then we talked about Moses and the burning bush.  The kids seemed to talk more than they usually do when I ask questions in the morning for our Bible lesson. Tamary was the one who remembered that God had spoken from the burning bush.  It is good to know when they are retaining some things!

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Margie said...

I love this idea!!