Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year....what digits do we need for 2010, everyone?

So here we are almost finished with our first day back at school. We had a very good day so far, especially for a group of kids who are new to school and have been away for over two weeks! While no one seemed quite as thrilled as Eden, (she informed me yesterday morning of the exact wardrobe she had picked out for this morning), they all are doing very well and seem glad to be back. Missing one little guy though...pretty sure he has dropped. We will miss you Demetrious!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burning Broccoli?

In Bible, we are learning about Moses.  We are learning about doing the right thing when it is hard and how God helped Moses, even when Moses was afraid.

Yesterday, we had a snack to help us remember about the burning bush.  I mixed some ranch dressing with yellow and red food coloring to make some orange dip.  Then I gave the students handfuls of broccoli, along with a bowl with some of the colored dip.  We dipped our broccoli to make burning bushes.  It was fun and the kids liked it.  Then we talked about Moses and the burning bush.  The kids seemed to talk more than they usually do when I ask questions in the morning for our Bible lesson. Tamary was the one who remembered that God had spoken from the burning bush.  It is good to know when they are retaining some things!

My wonderful sister!

Thanks to Heather, we will soon have all the books on our class Wish List!!  She is sending a bunch of books, including multiple copies of the Carrot, Miss Bindergarten gets Ready for Kindergarten, and The Snow Bears.  It was a total surprise!!  Isn't she cool?  Sarah did this last year and so we have all the books on the list. 

Thanks Heather!!

I will have to work at posting some more books on the list soon!!!!  ;)

Splatter/Straw Painting

It is amazing how good ideas are so often also versatile ones. When I worked at Help CP Kids, Eniko often did a painting activity with the kids.  She would set up a plinth with paper, puddles of paint and brushes, and then we would help the kids to hold the brushes and spatter the paint onto the paper.  I was reminded of this when I noticed a similar idea in a book and decided to do it with my students.

We also added a new touch.  We used red and yellow (but you could use any two primary colors or more if you wished) and then we blew through straws to make the colors blend and move across the paper.

It worked great; simple and easy, yet the kids really liked it.  This time, we did first and Kindergarten apart, so when I thought of taking pictures, it was only the Kindergarten kids.  I thought of this because their faces while they were blowing were so cute!!  I don't know if the pictures really do it justice, but I will post them anyway.  I had to use Michelle's camera, so it might take a little while to post them, but hope you like them!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Michelle is Back!!!

For a few days, we had Michelle Tom in our class.  Then she wasn't coming anymore.  Well she is back!!!!  Michelle is Ranson and Lula Tom's granddaughter.  Ranson is the bus mechanic and Lula is the bus driver.  Pictures to come soon!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Eden Sun

This is Eden Sun.  Eden's Mom and Dad are staff at the Mission.  Eden is coming to our class part time.  We love having her on Mondays and Fridays.  Her birthday is December 16 and she will be 5 this year!  We're really excited you are in our class, Eden!

Tamary Begay

Here she is...... Miss Tamary Begay!  Tamary is old hat at Kindergarten and has been a great big help in our class.  She is doing great so far!  She likes all her class mates, but especially her cousin Tia.  Tamary is 6 and will turn 7 on April 27.  Great to have you, Tamary!